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Finally, you can learn the secrets
to an amazing relationship
from the UK Relationship
Coach of the Year 2012,
Alex Santoro-Emmerson

Why do I need to learn the laws of love?

Well, think about it….

Would you jump into a swimming pool if you didn’t know how to swim?
Would you get behind the wheel of a car and head down to the motorway if you had never had a driving lesson?
Yet, when it comes to love, most of us seem to jump in head first without learning what it takes to make a relationship work.
And then we wonder why we end up crashing!


I have a few more questions, can I talk to someone before making a decision?

Of course you can! Just enter your
details here and we will call you back
within 24 hours with a special offer


Do I have to come to london to attend the classes?

NO! This is the best thing about The Love School. It happens live each week via Skype, so you can join in wherever you are. At the moment, we have students who live in France, Belgium, Italy, England, Scotland and the US. All you need to do is jump on Skype at the time of the call, wherever you may be.


Ok, I am interested, but what exactly am I going to get?

During the 8 weeks you will be part of the Love School family, you will learn:

  • The 7 Masterskills are a set of disciplines that will allow you to understand
    (ie “7 ways to get a relationship all your girlfriends will be jealous of (also known as the “how-did-you-get-so-lucky syndrome”).

    The 7 Masterskills are a set of disciplines that will allow you to understand what exactly it takes to create great relationships. They work for intimate relationships, but the bonus is that they are not specific to intimate relationships only, so they will also come in handy for parent-child relationships, to any friendships and even co-worker relationships. In an era where social media is ripe and we are forgetting how to really connect, Alex will empower you with 7 ways in which you can create great friendships and connections that you really want, and how to diffuse conflict and enjoy a more stress-free and relaxed reality.

  • The 6 Steps to Love and Passion
    (also known as: “6 steps to toe-curling, messed-up-hair, I-don’t-care-about-the-neighbours kinda passion!)

    Alex once was exactly where you are now. There was a time when her marriage hit rock bottom and separation seemed almost inevitable. But, instead of giving up, Alex realised that people run patterns, and instead of giving up, and taking the same issues into the next relationships, she decided to learn what it takes to make marriages work, and become a guinea-pig of all things love and passion. After “fixing” her relationship, Alex sat down, wrote down what she did and that’s how “The 6 Steps to Love and Passion” were born. The 6 Steps are a proven system that will allow you to take your intimate relationship from wherever it is now, to the best that it can possible be, whilst igniting extra passion and intimacy.

  • The 6 Human Needs
    (ie making sense of why sometimes we make no sense….)

    As a certified coach of the Robbins-Madanes Centre for Divorce Prevention, Alex works closely with Human Needs Psychology to help you understand why we do what we do, and why we don’t do what we don’t do. Every single person on earth, irrespective of race, age, gender or nationality, shares the same 6 Human Needs, one of which is LOVE. Whilst we all need the same 6 things, we each value one or two of these above the rest, and this unique model of the world will shape our destiny. Once you understand what drives you, use that knowledge to your advantage.


When does the next course start?

There’s normally 2 Love Schools going at any one time, and new groups are starting all the time. Call our offices on 01603 464532 to find out when the next group starts!


Why should I make “love and relationships” a priority in my life right now?

Because, in this world, there are people so poor, that all they have is a mountain of money. And I have met some of them.

And it ain’t pretty.

You see, unfortunately, nowadays, we tend to look for fulfilment in our work, in our appearance, our financial status, in all things Chanel or Gucci, and then we feel extremely disappointed when the “high” we feel when we get that new iPad disappears, and we still feel like “there’s something’s missing”.

I really want you to understand that things can never make people happy, only people can make people happy. This is why The Love School can have such a massive impact on your happiness, and the happiness of the people you love.



The Love School regularly receives many testimonials from happy satisfied students. However, because of the personal nature of some of the work we do, a few of these ladies prefer to remain anonymous.

I have done one-on-one coaching both with Alex and other coaches, but when I joined Love School, I found that the extra support coming from other students and their story gave the training more depth and meaning and made it easier for me to express myself.

Also, having a support network online was very useful. When I felt I was having a below-than-average day, going to the (secret) Love School Group on Facebook was really helpful, because I could talk to people that knew what I meant, what I was going through and weren’t there to judge, all with the knowledge that the posts wouldn’t be visible to anyone outside that forum. I found that Alex setting homework from one week to the next helped me stay motivated and focused, with the support of my buddy. I didn’t want to have the session on Wednesday and then forget all about it until the next Wednesday, and the homework, the buddy system, the forum on Facebook, they all made it possible for me to immerse myself more fully into the training, which of course speeds up the pace at which you work, and therefore get results. Love School was a great experience packed full of great content and support, and I would recommend it highly to anyone who is looking for tools to improve their intimate relationship.

Fiona Roberts,


I loved The Love School. For me the way it was presented worked very well. I could join the call and connect with my fellow students online, which suits my ultra demanding lifestyle. Alex presented the content in a way that really worked for me. I loved hearing all her examples as I could then relate the topic to my life in a real way. I particularly loved that Alex always always created a safe haven where we could ask questions without fear or judgement. There was also a forum we could ask questions and share between calls. Over all I would highly recommend Alex and The Love School. It doesn’t matter how successful we perceive our relationships, The Love School gives focused time on this key area of life. The Love School impacted all relationships in my life – with my partner, my children, my friends and maybe most significantly myself.

Thank you Alex.
Liz Walker, Berkshire


Alex is a very professional coach and I felt immediately in good hands when I talked to her from the outset. She awoke my awareness and my responsibility towards my love life which helped me to move forward and see things from another perspective.

She was very good at keeping me on task and accountable for the steps I committed to taking on a weekly basis. Her empathy combined with good motivational skills enabled me to overcome procrastination regarding moving on from the separation from my husband.

I now feel that I have the tools to move on into a loving and fulfilling relationship with no fear of compromise.

K. ,


I cannot begin to put into words the kind of mindset shift that I went through during my time at Love School. There is no doubt in my mind that the course itself, as well as the DVD that comes with it, are solely responsible for saving my marriage. When I came across Alex’s work, my husband and I had given up talking to each other and started sleeping in separate rooms. The few interactions we did have with each seemed to inevitably turn into heated arguments during which many hurtful words were spoken. The most important light bulb moment I had during Love School was when Alex said to me: “the Love is in you, don’t look for someone else to give it to you”. This made me look at things very differently and made me realise I was expecting from my husband something he couldn’t give me. By changing my attitude towards my husband and putting into practise the 9 disciplines of Vulnerability, his attitude towards me changed by reflex, and once the arguments started to diminish, it became much easier to work through out issues. What I took from Love School, amongst many other things and a network of supportive friends, is that change always starts from within. Thank You Alex for the wake-up call!!!



I did Love School at a time when I was single and fairly happily so. However, I don’t want to be single forever as I know life would be much richer with a partner.I learnt so much and now know that when I meet someone I would like to share my life with, I have the skills to make a relationship work.It was a small group, very open and great to interact and share with the other ladies as we were all in very different situations.Although I invest in my business readily all the time, sometimes huge amounts of money, I rarely invest in something that can bring me long term joy and I know I have with Love School.I have recommended Alex to several friends and know she can help them when relationships seem impossible.

Rosemary Cunningham,


Whether you are currently married, in a relationship, just broken up from one, or happily single, you cannot fail to receive timely, honest and life-changing advice from Alex. Having known Alex for 10 years and had first hand knowledge of her own struggles I can truly say that Alex speaks and teaches from the heart. We all loose our way at times in our relationships, whether we have been with the same person for many years or we are still looking for Love. We would all love to know how to have that amazing fulfilling relationship that we seek and know how to best deal with things when we know they aren’t what we desire them to be. Learning the skills that Alex teaches at the Love School is invaluable to achieve this. Personally, I am not in a relationship, but now truly know myself more and understand better what it is I seek from a life long partner. I recognise patterns I repeated in previous relationships and had a few challenges to deal with. I would not have been able to do this as effectively and positively without attending Love School. You cannot fail to take a gem from the sessions each and every week, that can help and heal your relationships, past present and future. I cannot recommend Love School highly enough. You have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain.

Marie, Norwich.


What’s the price and what exactly do I get for my money?

Love School is an 8-week course.

It happens LIVE on Skype each week (at a day and time to be confirmed depending on which group you choose to join) and it is hosted by
Alex Santoro-Emmerson, Marriage Educator and Divorce Preventionist, recently voted UK Relationship Coach of the Year 2012.
The price to attend for the full 8 weeks is £499 GBP, which works at just £62 per session (Alex’s usual rate is £140 per hour!)
For this, you will get:

  • 8 Live Calls with Alex Santoro-Emmerson, Relationship Coach of the Year 2012.
  • Each call lasts 1 hour and it is a mixture of content / information / teaching and mentoring, with students being able to ask as many questions as they wish. The call is fully interactive.
  • The groups are kept small and intimate for your advantage, with a maximum of 6 women only per group.
  • A “Buddy System” is in place to ensure you get the most out of the course. You will be “buddied up” with another woman on the course, and the two of you will resolve and commit to support each other during this journey.
  • Each call is recorded and stored in a secret location on Alex’s website, for your convenience. This means that – should you need to miss a live call for whatever reason – you would be able to listen to the call live the next day and send Alex any questions you may have.
  • The Love School is run with the highest code of conduct as far as confidentiality is concerned. Recordings of the calls will never be made available in any social media groups or turned into products.


As well as the above, you will also receive:

BONUS #1: DVD: 6 Steps to Love and Passion.
6 Steps to Love and Passion, a how-to guide to becoming the woman of your man’s dreams

VALUE: £97 – FREE with Love School!

Is your relationship at breaking point?
Has your husband become distant and withdrawn?
Do you feel like you have to run both your life and his?
Do you feel that the closeness and intimacy have gone out of the window and you are becoming
nothing more than just room mates?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, this DVD could save your relationship.

Alex has been to that painful place where the “honeymoon period” disappears and you are left wondering: “Is this all there is? What happened to the spark, the excitement, the butterflies every time we see each other? Were we ever really right for each other in the first place? ” . Chances are you were, but your feminine and masculine energies have become more and more out of balance. But don’t worry, you can not only fix this, but also take your relationship to a whole new level of love and passion, one you never even knew existed. In this video course, Alex will share with you tools that can revolutionise how you look at your relationship and strategies that you can learn today and keep using for the rest of your life to experience true unconditional love for the rest of your life. She will show you how to:

  • Rebuild Trust when you thought there was none left, and experience a new-found closeness and confidence in a happy future together.
  • Embrace your vulnerability and allow your man to step up and show you what he’s capable of.
  • Give your partner what they really need, rather than what you thought they needed, and by doing so becoming the woman of his dreams.
  • Understand how masculine and feminine energies need each other to be complete and how this could be the key to saving your relationship or taking it to a whole new level.

With this DVD, you can now learn how Alex Santoro-Emmerson, UK Relationship Coach of the Year 2012, regularly helps people to reignite that spark that was there at the beginning, fall in love all over again… and stay that way!


BONUS #2: CD Set “Verbal Aikido for Lovers, How to crack your lover’s communication code and diffuse any argument before it rears its ugly head”

VALUE: £67 – FREE with Love School!

Intimate relationships can be the greatest source of joy on our lives, but they can also be the greatest source of pain. Let’s face it, when relationships go wrong, it doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank, how many holidays a year you can afford, or how well your business is doing. If most of the communication you have with your lover is unpleasant and hurtful, you cannot experience true happiness and fulfilment, let alone true unconditional love. Arguments are not only very destructive to relationships but they are also a total waste of time. If you and your partner are experiencing arguing on a regular basis, you need some tools to help you stop the arguments before they even start.

This double CD set will help you to:

  • Learn the 14 beliefs of the most powerful negotiators in the word, and discover out how these can help you in your relationship.
  • Discover 2 “never-to-be-used” words that will kill your conversation and your connection.
  • Start using 3 magical phrases and 1 miraculous word that will nip any argument in the bud.
  • Discover the zen of avoiding conflict, and use it to create harmony with your lover.
  • Experience first hand how to control a conversation and take it where you want it to go, so that you can manoeuvre your relationship out of the fighting and into a more loving and tender reality.